Optician sees our creativity

The owner of a new optician’s practise that was opening in a busy, suburban shopping strip at Hampton (Melbourne) was concerned that her sign would be lost amongst the large number of under-awning, rectangular light boxes surrounding her premises. She

Signage for Leopold Shopping Centre

We are pleased and excited to have been awarded the signage package for Leopold Shopping Centre in Geelong. Landells will build two new pylon signs, reclad two existing pylon signs and provide some of the external signage for the Centre

Distinctive Signage Approach for Priceline

Priceline tasked Landells Signs to provide distinctive, premium-quality internal signs for its Next Generation look-and-feel store at Bondi Junction, NSW. Working in partnership with a specialist fabric supplier, Landells developed suspended Skincare and Cosmetics fabric displays with each with a

The Evolution of Digital Signage

A few years ago, some people believed that the majority of advertising would soon happen online. Although online advertising continues to grow, advertising through signage is still very critical to a consumer’s experience. So, how has advertising been able to

Refurbish or Replace? Your Guide to Upgrading from Fluorescent Signs to LED Signs

As a business owner, you must constantly consider how your facilities, property and equipment lend themselves to the success of your company. You choose an optimal brick-and-mortar location and invest in the best equipment for your industry…..

4 Ways Point of Purchase Signs Boost Your Sales

You’ve already invested a lot in your marketing program. Every month, you spend money on billboards, popup advertisements and flyers. You even pay for a few minutes of radio and television commercials so clients remember your name. Though you’ve noticed

What’s in Your Lobby? 4 Signs That Help Your Customers

Your latest marketing and advertising techniques have worked: new customers have entered into your lobby. They take a few cautious steps forward, look around curiously and then turn to walk out again. What went wrong? Your lobby seems welcoming with

Don’t Make These 3 Sign Mistakes

Your sign represents a sizable investment in your company. You had to pay for a professional to design and install your sign, and now you hope to reap the rewards for the effort. But if you don’t watch out for

Benefits of LED Display Signs

Recently, you’ve decided that you want to improve your business’s advertising standards. In the past, you used flyers, posters and even newspaper ads to market your brand. But you haven’t attracted as many new customers as you’d like. Or perhaps

4 Tips to Select the Right Sign for Your Business

In an ever-competitive world, your business needs a way to stand out. A great way to expose your business and to advertise to new customers is through signs. However, before you spend a lot of money on signs, you need

Summerhill Shopping Centre

Summerhill Shopping Centre, in one of Melbourne’s most well established northern suburbs, has just completed a major extension development with new major anchor tenants including COLES, KMART, ALDI and approximately 3,400sqm of retail specialty stores. Landells Signs was awarded the

5 Reasons Why You Should Wrap-Not Paint-Your Business Fleet

As you work diligently to promote your business, you consider certain options-for example, a new website or updated professional signage on your building. But if you’re still driving around in nondescript business vehicles, perhaps it’s time for a business fleet

4 Strategies to Keep Your Sign Looking Beautiful

You recently purchased a sign for your company, and you love the effect it creates alongside your office’s exterior. It looks bright and welcoming, and you appreciate the extra business it has brought. However, you know that your sign won’t

Real Sign Writing: A Disappearing Art?

That’s what most signage companies out there are telling the market every time an inquiry comes up. But is it, really? Well, the answer is no of course! It’s easy to dismiss it when you don’t know anything about it,

Kmart Sky-signs

Landells Signs achieved a significant outcome for Kmart when we rebranded the leading retailer’s operations in the heart of Adelaide’s Rundell Mall.

The heritage requirements of this stately building made the project far from conventional but Landells rose to the challenge, and gave onlookers a fascinating experience at the same time.

kmart sky sign

New Priceline Head Office

Two large pink sky-signs that have pride of place above Priceline’s new head office in Camberwell Junction are by Landells Signs.

The result looks great but installing them was a challenge that required our ability and experience.

priceline head office sign

100 Years with Coles

Landells Signs made all the signs for the first ever Coles store, which opened on Smith Street, Collingwood in 1914, and have been supplying internal and external signage for the Coles Group ever since.

As the requirements of Coles changed over the years, so did our signs. Today we satisfy the company’s demands by being more versatile, technically accomplished and responsive than ever before.

coles 100 years