4 Strategies to Keep Your Sign Looking Beautiful

You recently purchased a sign for your company, and you love the effect it creates alongside your office’s exterior. It looks bright and welcoming, and you appreciate the extra business it has brought. However, you know that your sign won’t always look attractive, and because it represents a significant investment, you need to find some way to make it last.

Below, you’ll find a few ways to clean and maintain your sign. These methods will keep it gorgeous and inviting for years to come.

1. Hire a sign expert for deep, annual cleaning and maintenance.

You may think you can handle the maintenance yourself, and to some degree, you can. However, think of your sign expert the same way you think of your dentist. You brush your teeth, floss and use mouthwash on your own, but without your dentist, you wouldn’t have the benefit of a deep, lasting clean twice a year.

Dentists have the expertise to remove plaque and spot developing problems-and sign professionals have a comparable level of expertise. Their tools and cleaning solutions can reach where yours cannot, and they also have the knowledge to update wiring, replace neon and repair cracks and holes.

So give your outdoor signs their best chance at long-lasting good looks. Schedule professional maintenance at least once a year, if not more often.

2. Protect it from the elements with an awning.

Whether your sign stands on the front lawn or hangs from your office’s exterior walls, it has to face wind, rain and hot sun. It also has to weather grime and dirt from splashes and pollution, and these environmental factors may wear it out quickly.

To preserve your sign, cover it with an awning or canopy. The awning doesn’t have to block the view, nor should it detract from your sign’s appearance. In fact, if you choose the right awning colour and style, it could make your sign look more professional and distinguished. Just make sure you leave enough space between your awning and sign so drivers can read your company’s name from the road.

3. Wash your sign and awning after every storm.

If your business operates in a highly developed area, you could experience the occasional dirty rain that pulls pollution out of the sky and onto your awning or exposed sign. Or, if you operate at higher elevations, you could see snow obscuring your company’s name. So after every storm, go outside and clear the precipitation or grime off your sign. Use water, as harsh chemicals could
strip paint.

Additionally, you should clean your sign once a week or once a month to keep it bright and sparkling. If it hangs from the roof, you may want to hire a professional to do the work. You don’t want to endanger your employees.

4. Inspect fasteners, poles, paint, wiring and more.

Every time you clean your sign, inspect it as well. Look for cracks in the sign’s surface, broken neon, frayed wiring, chipped paint, etc. If you find any of these items, call your sign experts right away for repairs. You can always try to repair it yourself, but unless you have the electrical expertise, you might do more harm than good.

Additionally, check the fasteners that keep your sign on the side of your building or on top of the pole that supports it. If these fasteners show signs of rust or corrosion, your sign could fall and injure someone. Call for immediate repairs so you don’t have to replace your sign or pay for anyone’s medical expenses.

As long as you use the tips above, your sign will look excellent for years to come. Ask your maintenance provider if you have any
questions about your particular sign.