4 Tips to Select the Right Sign for Your Business

In an ever-competitive world, your business needs a way to stand out. A great way to expose your business and to advertise to new
customers is through signs.

However, before you spend a lot of money on signs, you need a plan. The following tips offer ideas of what you can do to get the be
st sign for your business.

1. Know What’s Allowed

Before you start brainstorming what you want on your sign, you need to know about restrictions in your city. Many cities have a co
uncil that regulates any outdoor advertising signs. Depending on your sign, you may also need to get a licence.

You can check for any restrictions on your property by conducting a property enquiry. This will tell you of any zoning restrictions or
constraints that you need to follow to advertise on that property. Some issues that may come up are size restrictions for your sign and w
hether signs can be illuminated or not.

Once you know what is and isn’t allowed, you will have an easier time deciding on what kind of sign to design and purchase for your

2. Consider Your Location

As soon as you have the go-ahead for your sign, you need to decide the best place to put it. You can base most of this decision on t
he location of your business.

As much as you want your business to stand out, you don’t want it to seem out of place. If your business is situated in a part of tow
n that is historic and styled as such, you should try to match that style. If you’re in a more urban city, go for a sleek, modern sign.

Another aspect of location to consider is where the shadows and sun fall during the day. You don’t want your sign in a place where it
will be obscured by shadows when the sun starts setting. You also don’t want the sun to cast a glare on your sign that makes it unreada
ble. Before deciding where to place your sign, walk around your building at different times of the day and night to see where your sign will
be the most visible.  

3. Choose a Type of Sign that Fits Your Audience

From painted window signs to large storefront signs, you have many options when it comes to creating your sign. The size and type
of sign should depend heavily on who will be seeing your sign and where they will be seeing it from.

Is your business located on or near a busy street or highway? If so, invest in a large sign that people can read as they drive by your
business. But if most people see your business while walking on the sidewalk, you may want to consider a smaller sign. Window signs or h
anging signs are perfect ways for people to notice your business as they walk down the sidewalk.

4. Design a Simple Sign

Now that you have figured out many of the larger decisions, you need to focus on what you want your sign to look like. One of the
most important aspects of your sign is readability. If your sign has words, you need to make sure people will be able to read them. Choos
e a crisp, clean font and avoid the hard-to-read calligraphy fonts.

Another important part of your sign is the details. Most of the time, your sign only has a few seconds to impress or persuade potenti
al customers to come to you. A simple, low-detail design helps people know at a glance what your business can do for them.

For help designing a sign that’s right for your company, call us today. Our friendly staff will show you different design ideas and work with you to make your sign unique and eye-catching.