4 Ways Point of Purchase Signs Boost Your Sales

You’ve already invested a lot in your marketing program. Every month, you spend money on billboards, popup
advertisements and flyers. You even pay for a few minutes of radio and television commercials so clients
remember your name.

Though you’ve noticed a minor increase in new customers visiting your store, your product sales remain
static. You feel that you need something to give visitors an extra push to buy from, rather than just browse,
your store.

Have you considered point of purchase signs? Point of purchase signs may not seem like much at first, but
when implemented correctly, they can increase your product sales in the following ways.

1. Grab Attention

Your warehouse, shop or showroom has a lot to offer your customers. Your large inventory allows customers
to find just about anything they might need, from plumbing fixtures to clothing to movies.

But your wide selection can also seem overwhelming at times. As visitors browse aisle after aisle, many of
your products will look the same and blur together. Customers may struggle to remember what they’ve already
seen, and choosing between three or four similar products can lead to a headache.

However, a point of purchase sign can become a lighthouse in a sea of labels. The right design can stand
out in a crowd and highlight a particular product you want to sell. When customers see your eye-catching
signage, they’ll be more likely to follow through with their purchase.

2. Emphasize Advantages

Like you, customers want to save time and money. They want to feel confident when they buy a product, and
they will often choose a familiar, reliable product that they know and trust.

Consequently, when you introduce a new brand or item, you may have a hard time convincing buyers to make
the switch. Though the packaging looks inviting, your clients will likely revert to an older alternative
because they’ve had success with the item in the past.

Fortunately, a point of purchase sign can give a convincing argument in favour of your latest shipment.
Your display can emphasise advantages that the new product offers over similar merchandise already on the
shelf. When customers fully understand the benefits of a particular device or brand, they may feel more
willing to try something new.

3. Earn Loyalty

Your business depends on its regular customers. You need a steady flow of buyers to keep your company
running and generate a profit. In fact, your repeat patrons tend to spend an average of 67% more on your
goods and services than new consumers.

But to make first-time visitors into full-time clients, you need to earn their loyalty. Steady discounts
and fair prices not only draw new customers into your store, but also convince them to come back for better
deals in the future.

Your point of purchase sign can advertise your latest and greatest coupons, discounts, rebates and
rewards. And because these signs are affordable to make, you can regularly print replacements as your deals
change with your inventory.

4. Provide Organization

As your business grows and develops, you may have to regularly rearrange your inventory to accommodate new
stock and merchandise. For example, to make room for your new clothing line, you may have to push your
collection of movies to the back of the store. Or to create space for your exciting bathroom display, you may
have to move your hot tub section a few aisles over.

While your growing inventory is ultimately good for customers, your loyal buyers may struggle to keep up
with the in-store changes. They may come to you in search of recipe books, but a few minutes later, they may
grow frustrated and leave when they can’t easily find what they want.

Your point of purchase signs can let customers know where you’ve moved your toys, and they can direct
visitors to more popular sections of your store, where they’ll be more likely to complete their purchase.

Do You Need Point of Purchase Signs?

As you can see, point of purchase signs play a key role in your total product sales. If you want to
introduce a new item, earn customer loyalty or direct customers to different corners of your store, talk to a
professional designer about making signs for your business.