5 Reasons Why You Should Wrap-Not Paint-Your Business Fleet

As you work diligently to promote your business, you consider certain options-for example, a new website or updated professional signage on your building.

But if you’re still driving around in nondescript business vehicles, perhaps it’s time for a business fleet face lift. Should you make an appointment for a new paint job, or install a vinyl wrap on each vehicle instead?

If you only have one business vehicle and don’t intend to change your logo, it’s probably fine to hire an automotive painter. However, here are five reasons why vinyl wrapping may be the better choice:

1. Stand-Out Designs

Most businesses spend a great deal of time and money on their brand. Chances are, you want to stand out from your competitors. By hiring an experienced signage company to wrap your business fleet, you can choose from hundreds of customized designs and colours that help customers recognise you instantly. Likewise, when you need a change in several years, you haven’t spent thousands of dollars on a paint colour you no longer like.

2. Efficient Installations

Any business owner knows that time is money. If you travel frequently to meet with customers, you can’t afford to delay because your fleet is in the painter’s shop. A quality paint job may take one or two weeks, at minimum. What do you do in the meantime?

By contrast, a vinyl wrap only takes days or hours to install. Your signage company understands graphics and installation intricacies. Technicians spend a little more time on curvier vehicles, but the whole process is still time efficient.

Soon enough, your fleet will be back on the road again, looking better than ever.

3. Reasonable Costs

Because vinyl wraps don’t take as much time as a typical paint job, they are budget friendly. If you decide to wrap only a small part of your vehicle, you save even more money.

Labour and material costs do vary depending on the size of the wrap. Similarly, if your wrap takes a long time to design, that can impact the total cost. However, if the sizes are the same, an intricate design takes the same time to install as a simple design.

Regardless of the above factors, vinyl wraps are generally half the cost of a paint job.

4. Better Resale Value

Businesses who use vehicle wraps often get a better price on their fleet when it’s time to sell used vehicles. But if you paint your fleet, you obliterate the original factory colour and reduce your resale value.

Your vehicle wrap also protects the paint underneath it while shielding the finish from rock chips, weather damages and other road hazards. If your vehicle is out in the sun constantly, expect your wrap to fade over time. Otherwise, your wrap should last well for years.

5. Significant Return on Investment

Most businesses expect a reasonable return on investment for their vinyl wraps. Sometimes, the ROI is obvious and immediate (as in the case of a customer approaching your car after seeing the information on the wrap). But of course, your ROI depends on multiple factors.

Regardless of your business type, you can expect more customer recognition and a higher ROI when you install a vehicle wrap.

To measure your return:

–¬†Advertise a unique phone number on your vehicle that differs from your regular number (this helps you track business
opportunities that come from your vehicle advertisements).

-Offer a discount that is unique to your vehicle wrap. Customers will mention this when they call.

–¬†Create a unique web URL and use that web page only on your vehicle wrap.

In the end, it just makes sense to update your business fleet with durable, low-maintenance vinyl wraps. Talk to your signage company today to learn more. And expect your customers to notice the results.