Distinctive Signage Approach for Priceline

Priceline tasked Landells Signs to provide distinctive, premium-quality internal signs for its Next Generation look-and-feel store at Bondi Junction, NSW. Working in partnership with a specialist fabric supplier, Landells developed suspended Skincare and Cosmetics fabric displays with each with a customised corner radius.

The benefits of using this type of fabric product include:

  • Crease-free graphics that can be folded and stored;
  • Can be printed in one piece 5 metres wide by any length thereby eliminating joins through the creative;
  • Printed fabric skins can be changed in 10 minutes which is ideal for promotional artwork which gets replaced¬† frequently;
  • Light-weight and machine washable; and
  • Can be backlit to create a wall-mounted or free-standing a slimline lightbox display.

Priceline was pleased with the result and is looking to implement this type of sign in their other Next Generation stores.