What’s in Your Lobby? 4 Signs That Help Your Customers

Your latest marketing and advertising techniques have worked: new customers have entered into your lobby.
They take a few cautious steps forward, look around curiously and then turn to walk out again.

What went wrong?

Your lobby seems welcoming with its plush couches and gently flowing fountain. You made sure to clean the
area thoroughly so guests would want to stay. And you have relaxing music playing in the background to create
a cosy, inviting atmosphere.

But you forgot one thing: signage.

While you might not think much about a map, advertisement or banner, these interior signs do more than
attract attention. They guide customers and provide helpful information and instruction to newcomers.

Be sure to include some of the following signs in your lobby.

1. Welcome Signs and Business Logos

When customers step into your office or lobby, the first thing they should see is your company name and
business logo. With proper signage, customers will have no doubt about who you are and where you stand as a
company. The right signs can tell new clients about your persona, values and commitment to service.

Additionally, welcome signs let customers know that they’ve arrived to the right place and that they
should feel comfortable working with you. The signs inspire confidence, liven up your lobby and make your
receptionist’s job a little easier.

2. Directory Signs and Maps

When you work in a small office, your customers might not need a lot of direction. In a few seconds, they
can determine where to go and who to ask for help.

But multi-story office buildings and extensive shopping complexes can feel like a maze to navigate. Though
a few adventurous clients may eventually find your store or shop, many more will likely give up the search
long before they reach you.

Fortunately, a clear, easy-to-follow directory or map can clarify any confusing locations. With a little
extra guidance, your customers can save time and find your office quickly and efficiently.

3. Freestanding Banners and Point of Purchase Signs

Your clients don’t want to waste time looking for a specific product. Like you, they want to enjoy the
rest of their day and make the most of each moment.

So when your store or shop offers an extensive inventory of goods and supplies, your visitors might feel
overwhelmed as they try to find that proverbial needle in a haystack.

Like directory signs, freestanding banners and point of purchase signs can tell clients where to go within
your shop, store or warehouse. These signs can highlight your most popular products or describe a specific
category of items that customers most frequently buy. And the sooner they find the right product, the faster
you can make a sale.

4. Special Messages and Sign Easels

Special message signs and sign easels add a homey, yet professional, touch to your office.

These smaller signs alert your customers to upcoming sales or instruct clients on where to park. Some
messages tell guests that you’ve left for lunch or simply amuse your visitors while they wait for the
receptionist to finish an important call.

These messages, though temporary in their placement, can have a long-lasting impact on anyone who stops by
your building. With the right message, your customers can remember your business with fondness and

Put Your Customer First

When you place these signs strategically in your lobby, you can provide an extra layer of customer
support. Maps, messages and logos will all encourage customers to stay for a visit and teach them how to seek
help if they need it.

So if your lobby looks a little bare, talk to one of our professional designers about printing signs for
your office or workspace.