Landells Signs is modern, progressive and we’ve been this way for
over 110 years.

In 1914, we signed the first Coles store in Australia and continue to do the company’s signage today. Such a partnership speaks volumes about our client commitment.

It says just as much about our ability to stay ahead of everything from the great depression to the digital age and still be an industry leader.

Landells Signs is the oldest trading signage company in Australia. We are also family-owned.

Both these things keep our feet firmly planted on the ground when it comes to strengthening client relationships, and the reputation of our company. For example, we maintain comprehensive in-house services so our clients get exactly what they want, when they want it. And we make sure our communication is open and direct with our clients.

Landells Signs operates modern production plants in the Melbourne and Sydney, and services Australia nationwide.

We offer a complete range of signage services from strategy and design to precision manufacturing, and installation and maintenance.

As the most experienced signage company in Australia, we understand the power and immediacy that good signage has when it comes to getting your brand message into the marketplace.

And we use our vast experience to do exactly that everyday for a diverse range of retail and corporate brands. Familiar names include Coles, Kmart, Officeworks, Peter Alexander and Priceline.

Landells Signs has also longstanding relationships established with Australia’s leading construction companies, catering for the signage needs in major building projects around the country.

centenary coles

Photo reproduced with the permission of Coles

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